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Vancouver, BC

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Hi Plant Lovers,

As a small, independently owned business, this wasn't an easy decision for us. We've decided to temporarily close our doors in response to COVID-19. Although we both feel perfectly well - we believe it's best to err on the side of caution and promote social distancing at this time.

If you're still in need of some Plant Therapy, we'll be working to update our online and instagram shops for local Vancouver deliveries. Shop our 'Big Plants' tab here on our website, and our 'Order Plants' story highlight on instagram for local deliveries. Any questions or special orders, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time. We truly appreciate it.

Stay safe, Vancouver.

- Narin & Elaine

Plant Therapy

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Updated: Mar 19

Monsteras are here, Vancouver!

Monstera Deliciosa are available at the shop in 10" grower's pots at 69.99 + tax.

Pots are sold seperately, but we have plenty to choose from.

These plants are easy care, and easy on the eyes. Beautiful split leaves, it's no wonder these are such a popular plant. Also called a Split Leaf Philodendron or Swiss Cheese Plant.

Vancouver plant delivery is available! Order our Monstera and other tropical plants HERE and get it delivered to your home, OR come pick it out in store and we'll set up a delivery date with you. Monstera delivery? Yes please!

Come visit us at the plant shop! We're at 1328 West Georgia, Vancouver.

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11 - 6. Closed on Mondays.

Follow along on instagram for more new plants @planttherapy.yvr






Lots of new, beautiful plants at the shop!

We've got a lot of happy plants to choose from. Here is our list of new plants this week:

  • Fiddle Leaf Figs - All in 10" grower's pots, with 2 stalks each. Nice full leaves. 39.99-59.99

  • Dieffenbachia - In 10" grower's pot. GIANT leaves. Camouflage and Exotica varieties. 79.99

  • Cacti - Two large cacti in 10" grower's pot available. Very cool! 169.99

  • Peperomias - In 6" grower's pots. Obtusifolia, Angulata, Ginny, Pixie Lime + more. 14.99

  • Majesty Palms - In 10" grower's pots. 3 - 4' tall, lots of new fronds coming. 49.99

  • Bird of Paradise - In 10" grower's pots. 5 - 6' tall. Single stalk, large beautiful leaves. 79.99

  • Chinese Evergreen - Available in 8" and 10" grower's pots. Stunning. 49.99 - 79.99

  • Polka Dot Plants - 4" grower's pots. Full and cute as can be. 4.99

  • Dieffenbachia 'Reflector' - 4" grower's pots. Awesome foliage. 9.99

  • Hoya Australis - 6" hanging baskets. Beautiful leaves and long vines. 29.99

Come visit us at the shop to see even more plants and accessories available!

Interested in a Bird of Paradise, Palm, or Fig but not sure how to get it home? Did you know we offer plant delivery?! Click here to view our large plants currently available!

Follow along with us on instagram at @planttherapy.yvr

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