Alocasia Purple Sword Vancouver

Botanical name: Alocasia Lauterbachiana  

Common name: African Mask, Elephant Ear, Kris Plant, Purple Sword Alocasia



I can keep more than one plant alive at the same time. (Intermediate)




24" - 30" inches


Although known as an African Mask, it calls Southeast Asia its home and is just one of over 70 species of Alocasia. The Lauterbachiana owns very striking large deep green leaves with even darker coloured veins as an accent. The shape of the leaves on this somewhat gothic plant are long and slender, serrated lines form the outside line of each leaf.    


Your Elephant Ear might get as big as an actual elephant ear - they can get as tall as 6 feet, but more typically grow to about 3-4 feet indoors. They are relatively fast growers, so make space!




This African Mask does best away from a window as it prefers indirect light as it grows. More mature Alocasias can tolerate being in a lower light, partially shaded area of your space. That does not mean tuck in in the corner behind the TV.


Alocasias do like a more humid room so you might find placing the pot on top of a saucer of pebbles with water will provide a more ideal level. These are susceptible to overwatering and root rot -- finding the right water balance is key. Wait until the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch in between waterings. You may notice some leaf loss in the fall as they enter their dormant period. Stay calm and have a glass of Malbec -- It is a natural progression, so don’t feel the need to overwater. 



A well draining tropical soil is best and keep soil on the moist, not wet side (simple enough right?). In the winter months allow to dry out slightly more between watering.  




Toxic. Do not let your pets or kids nibble on these on this plant.


Toxic. See above.


Alocasia Purple Sword 6"

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