Botanical Name: Sedum Morganianum
Common Name: Burro's Tail, Donkey's Tail, Lamb's Tail 


OWNER STATUS: This one is easy-care if given bright light and you resist the urge to over water (Novice) 



This unique trailing succulent has the cutest blue-green chubby leaves with a slight chalky like feel. Burro's Tail stems each contain copious amounts of small tear-drop shaped leaves. Be gentle! These plants are very delicate and the leaves will easily fall off if the plant is bumped by humans and pets alike. Best for hanging planters that are kept out of busy areas and curious toddlers & kitty zones. 


Burro's Tail can grow as long as 4 feet if you let them! If you're starting small, don't expect this overnight. It can take at least 6 plus years to see that kind of length! 



Bright light is key for the long term health of your Burro's Tail. Like all succulents, they thrive in bright light and can even handle full sun. If first taking your new plant home, we recommend slowly introducing it to full sun so it can get acclimated and not get a sunburn! Once acclimated, they will love that sunny spot in your south or west facing home. Under the right light conditions, they can produce star-shaped flowers in pink, red, or lavender. Fun! For even growth, try rotating your plant (carefully) every now and then. 


Succulents need to dry out between watering and a Donkey’s Tail is no exception. Water well and then don't water again until the soil has fully dried out. The most common way to kill a succulent is to overwater it, so if you're not sure - best to wait! The chubby, water-filled leaves can even get a little wrinkled before you water. In the winter, when the plant is in it's dormant phase, space out your watering even more. 


A loose and fast draining soil is best. Most Cactus and Succulent soil mixes will do. 



Non toxic, but we wouldn't recommend snacking on it. 

*Pet friendly! Although best to keep away from your pets if you want your Donkey to keep all of its leaves...

*According to the ASPCA

Burro's Tail 4"

  • This Burro's Tail comes in 4" plastic growers pot.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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