Botanical name:  Euphorbia Lactea Cristata

Common name:  Crested Elkhorn or Coral Cactus 



I'm prickly, but I'm easy and low maintenance (Novice)



Foliage:  The top of the Coral plant is called the crest – that is why it is known by both names. Mostly green, wavy foliage.  More structural and artistic than a colour impact.

Fun fact – this is not a true cacti, but a succulent, euphorbia lactea, grafted most often onto a cactus root stock or a euphorbia nerifolia. 'Member Scott Rogowsky and HQ Trivia? Yeah, he'd be impressed by that. 

Size:  As many cacti are, the Crested cactus is a slow growing plant, can easily be a window ledge companion but can grown to 3 plus feet in a very, very.....very long time. 



Light:  Morning sun, indirect light is best for the rest of day. This euphorbia may look tough and a creation of H.R Giger, but those wavy leaves can get scorched if left in the bright, hot sun. 

Water:  Even though it is named a coral cacti and you might think it would like to be under the sea, one sure way to send it out to sea is by over watering.  It is okay to give it a gentle shower every now and then which can reduce pests.  Just ensure the soil is well drained and has a chance to dry out between drinks. Less is more. 

Soil:  Well draining, succulent soil.  



Humans:  Avoid contact with the sap from this cacti – can cause irritation to the eyes and skin

Pets:  Not a friend for your fur-baby. Keep away!


Cacti - Euphorbia Lactea Green 5"

  • This Cacti - Euphorbia Lactea comes in a 5" plastic growers pot.

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