Botanical name: Calathea Ornata 

Common name: Beauty Star Calathea



I'm picky about my water schedule (no wet feet please), and I need my humidity. Besides that, I'm too legit to quit. (Intermediate)




This ​'​Beauty Star​'​ Calathea has longer and more slender leaves than other Ornata varieties, boasting white, pink and silver​ stripes​ that fan away from the center vein of each leaf. Caution – if the leaves start to curl or roll this may indicate that it does not have enough humidity – although at night they may curl on their own naturally, exposing their colourful underbellies.​


2 ft in height and spread at maturity. 




Indirect light – best placed away from sunny windows.


Room temp, distilled water is best. Do not let soil completely dry out. Water when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry. They like a humid environment (we might mention that again). Try placing your Calathea’s pot on top of a saucer of water filled with pebbles to increase humidity. Just be sure that the bottom of the pot is not sitting in any standing water. They will do well with less frequent watering during the winter months.


A soil such as an African Violet potting soil works well. Or a blend of peat moss, perlite, and potting soil will also keep them happy.




Non-toxic. Don't eat it.


Non-toxic and furball safe since '72*

*According to the ASPCA

Calathea Ornata Beauty Star 4"

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