Botanical Name: Calathea leitzei
Common Name: Calathea White Fusion



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Calatheas are a popular choice because they’re just so beautiful to look at. The white fusion variety is particularly well-liked due to the green and white variegated (read: marbled or colour-blocked) leaves whose undersides pop with purple to burgundy tones. The colour-blocked leaves with their rounded body and longer, narrower tips can be reminiscent of decorative feathers. For quick and brightly-toned new growth, getting the right light and water conditions is the challenge.

Calathea will grow a bit up and a bit out and a bit down -- 40-60cm (16-25in) is the standard maximum size expectation. Usually available in 10-15cm (4-8in) pots, they make excellent table-top and side table plants.


Low to bright indirect light; bright indirect light (diffused through sheer curtains, grandma-style) works best. Calathea don’t like direct light (few plants actually do) and will develop brown spots if placed in too bright a spot. They’ll be just fine in dim corners, but low light will limit colour variegation in new leaves;  to keep the colours popping, a fairly bright spot several steps from a window is ideal.

Apart from light, one of the more challenging aspects of caring for white fusion calathea is hitting the sweet spot for watering. Your best bet is to water in small doses at frequent intervals; calathea don’t like to be dry but hate being overwatered.

​Any high-quality potting mix will work. Drainage is important to avoid root rot, so look for drainage holes when selecting the ideal pot, or plan to keep in in it's growers container if you choose a decorative pot.​






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