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Crocodile Fern 4"

Crocodile ferns (Microsorum musifolium) have leaves with a lot of personality and can be a favorite among fern lovers. The leaves of the ferns resemble the distinctive leathery appearance of crocodile skin which is how the plant got its name.


How to care for your new Crocodile Fern plant: 


SUNLIGHT: Like most ferns, the crocodile species is naturally found growing under a canopy of trees. Because of this, your plant will like lighting that mimics the dappled, bright, indirect sunlight that they would receive on the forest floor. These plants still need sunlight; just be sure they aren’t getting direct sunlight, like in a window. Too much sunlight can burn the leaves.


WATER: Crocodile ferns love water. Water your plant thoroughly and consistently. Water when you notice the top of the soil getting dry.


HUMIDITY/TEMPERATURE: Because this plant is native to the tropics, it does not handle cold weather well. Crocodile ferns also love humidity, the lack of it could make your plant's leaves form crispy brown. Mist your fern daily with a mister or take your fern into the bathroom while you shower. The heat and the humidity will be like a spa day for your plant.


Note: Plants and planters may vary. Pictures shown are examples of style.


Crocodile Fern 4"

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  • This Crocodile Fern comes in a 4" plastic growers pot.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

  • All plants are final sale. We do not accept returns on plants.

    We accept returns on pots and accessories in their original packaging, if applicable, within 14 days of purchase date. Proof of purchase required.

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