Botanical Name: Ficus Lyrata Compacta

Common Name: Fiddle-leaf Fig Mini, Fiddle Leaf Bambino



Be prepared to cry or at least sigh noisily (Advanced)




12-16 inches, measured from the base of the growers container.


Just like the OG Fiddle Leaf but with smaller, more compact leves that tend to grow more upright. The appearance of your fiddle-leaf fig depends on how happy you can make it and your pruning preferences. Some love a bushy ficus while others love a taller, sparser tree, and honestly, both look amazing. This particular variety has been pruned to be more bush than tree.


Unlike the OG, this one will stay on the smaller and shorter side of life. Most will reach 4-5 feet in height indoors at maturity.




It’s picky! Lots of light, as bright as possible, but without any sun actually touching the leaves, in a warm and humid environment. DON’T place it near a vent, an air conditioner, a door, or even too near a window; temperature changes, even occasional drafts, will send it into shock. Once you’ve sorted out a good place for it, don’t move it. You can turn it, a tiny bit per week, to avoid having it lean towards the light.


So, so picky! Water your fiddle-leaf fig every 7-10 days, when the soil is dry 1-2" into the pot. At that point, using room temperature water (cold will put it into shock!), water until it starts draining out the drainage holes in your pot; allow it to drip dry in the bath or on the balcony, or into a tray, and then remove the excess water from the base. If you don’t have a humidifier, mist the leaves at least a couple times a month. Wipe the leaves 2+ times a month.


Did we mention that it’s picky? The fiddle-leaf likes being rootbound, so if you’re repotting, be very wary of placing it in an oversize pot. Choose a pot that’s at most 5cm (2in) larger, and one with proper drainage.




Don’t let kiddos chew on these leaves, as sap is mildly toxic.


Eating may cause stomach pain and/or vomiting if ingested.*


*According to the ASPCA

Fig Leaf Fig Compacta 6"

  • This Fig Leaf Fig comes in a 6" plastic growers pot.

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