Botanical Name: Homalomena
Common Name: Emerald Gem, Shield Plant, Queen of Hearts, Ace of Spades


Height: 12" - 16"



I own gardening gloves AND a spade! (Intermediate)



Dark green, waxy, spade/heart shaped leaves that sit upon long stems - similar to most Philodendrons.

A mature Homalomena can reach up to 4 to 5 feet indoors, but that will take a wee bit of time. Our current selection is approximately 12 - 16 inches. 


The Emerald Gem will do well in medium indirect light but will thrive in filtered/dappled bright indirect light. While Homalomenas can tolerate lower light levels, keep in mind that lower light conditions can cause the plant to thin out and get a bit leggy. If you notice the bottom leaves of your Gem getting a bit yellow, do not panic, this can be common. Use a sharp set of shears to clip off and ensure that it is not located by a draft.


Getting the watering schedule down in your environment may be the most tricky part for a healthy Homalomena. They don't like to get too wet, and don't like to dry out either(oh, fun!). Allowing the top half of soil to dry out in between waterings is a good habit and will give this lil' gem a fighting chance.

A loose, well-draining potting mix is best for the Emerald Gem. Make sure your pot has drainage.


Humans: Toxic
Pets: Toxic and should be kept out of reach of pets.*


*According to the ASPCA

Homalomena Emerald Gem 6"

  • This Homalomena Emerald Gem comes in a 6" plastic growers pot.

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