Hoya Pubicalyx 4"

Botanical name: Hoya Pubicalyx

Common name: Wax plant, Wax Vine



Just give me the light and watch me climb (or trail). (Novice) 



Foliage: Thick, wavy leaves, this Pubicalyx boasts a mixture of coloured leaves, some deep green, others can have a red or purple tone. Known for their gorgeous clusters of star shaped, waxy flowers, but just as stunning as a climbing or trailing vine. Resist cutting the long tendrils, as these will help your hoya climb. Who needs aromatherapy when you’ve got a fragrant Hoya?

Size:  Hoya Pubicalyx are one of the faster growing Hoya varieties. As they are a vine plant, the vines can grow to 12 feet or possibly longer. Maintain the size that works in your space. Hanging pots work well to allow them to dangle free form style, or place bamboo stakes in the pot and train (tie) the vines to the stake for a more upright form. 



Light: Bright, but not direct sun. While this Hoya can tolerate low to medium light, you may see a lack of colour, slower growth and not as full. 

Water: Less is more. This Hoya is not a fan of over watering. Water when the top half of the soil is dry. Careful not to overwater in the winter months - allow soil to dry fully in between waters. Hoya leaves will start to pucker and wrinkle if they are very thristy, but will plump back up after a water!

Soil: Since they are particularly sensitive to too much water, a soil with excellent drainage is key.

A succulent or cacti mix is ideal. And for everything good in the world, please make sure your pot has drainage.  



Humans:  Non- Toxic     

Pets:  Non- Toxic*


*according to the ASPCA

Hoya Pubicalyx 4"

  • This Hoya Pubicalyx comes in a 4" plastic growers pot.
    Full growth, with some vines beginning to reach out. 

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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