Iron Cross Begonia 6"

Botanical Name: Begonia Masoniana
Common Name:  Iron Cross Begonia



I’ve never owned a plant before / I kill everything (Novice)



Height: 12" - 14" inches

Our Iron Cross Begonia has one of the more unique foliage characteristics of any of our plants, both with texture and visually. You'll find a reddish-black "iron -cross" pattern on each of the bright green leaves, along with a roush and almost spiky texture to each leaf. These Begonias will flower indoors, and good practice is to pich the small flowers off to promote larger leaves. Begonias can go dormant in the winter months -- so if you experience this, do not give up on the plant and avoid over watering as a solution to shriveled leaves.  


These will not get out of hand size wise, making them a good choice for table tops and shelves. You can expect them to reach 12"-16" (30cm-40cm) in height indoors and 8"-12" (20cm-30cm) in spread. 



Low to moderately-bright indirect light. Cubicle office with bad lighting? Basement cave with no windows? Sunny kitchen? Most any light conditions will work -- however, avoid placing it in strong direct light for extended periods. These lil' guys will also thrive under artificial and fluorescent light. 

Do not overwater. Begonias have rhizomatous roots that store water, best practice is to allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings. Careful not to overwater in the winter/dormant months. Try not to get the leavers wet while watering and do not mist, as they can be prine are prone to mildew and other fungus.

Any good tropical soil, with an added touch of peat or perlite works well. African violet potting mix is ideal. Make sure your pot has adequate drainage. 



It’s toxic. Don’t let anyone nibble on it.


Toxic to pets. If yours likes to bite green things, keep this one out of reach.

Iron Cross Begonia 6"

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  • This Iron Cross Begonia comes in 6" plastic growers pot.

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