Lemon Lime Prayer Plant (Maranta) 4"

Botanical Name: Maranta Leuconeura
Common Name: Prayer Plant, Maranta, Rabbit Track Plant


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There are a variety of Maranta types, which feature foliage with symmetrical patterns of lighter and darker green hues; some have ribbons of pink to red hues along the veins of the leaves, while others feature burgundy undersides. The reason for the Prayer plant’s name (and general popularity) is how the leaves stay flat during the day, but curl up at night as though praying (though what plants might pray for is unclear. Compost? Stubbed toes to polluting humans?).

They’re not big. Maranta are ideal for tabletops, shelves, desks: anywhere that meets their light requirements. Mature plants may be 30cm (12in) tall with leaves up to 15cm (6in) long.


Dappled indirect light: without enough light, the leaves won’t unfurl during the day; too much light will cause the leaves to lose their colour variegation and may even kill your plant.

Keep the soil of your Maranta moist; it doesn’t want to sit in water, but it doesn’t want to be dry, either. Water a little more in warmer temperatures or when it’s receiving more light. To avoid water retention, use a pot with drainage holes, and remove excess water from the drain tray as needed so that your Maranta’s roots stay happy and healthy. Yellowed, curled, or spotted leaves indicate underwatering, while limp stems are a sign of overwatering.

An African Violet potting mix works well for Maranta; otherwise, a standard potting mix that drains well should be fine. Consider using a shallower pot as the roots don’t need a lot of depth and a shallow pot usually helps cut back on water retention in the soil. If your Maranta seems to be retaining water, try adding a handful of sand to the soil to help improve drainage; loose gravel or stones at the bottom of the pot also work. 




Wholly nontoxic, but munchies do detract from the beauty of the leaves. Keep ‘em safe.

Lemon Lime Prayer Plant (Maranta) 4"

  • This Lemon Lime Maranta comes in 4" plastic growers pot.

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