Liquid Cactus Fertilizer 2-7-7 150g

A liquid fertilizer that is ideal for cactus and succulent growth. An easy to use liquid plant food loaded with micronutrients encourages new growth and long term health of your favorite desert plant babies. Comes with an easy to measure dropper. 


We recommend only fertilizing your plants during the growing season -- typically May to September. 


Feeds Every Time You Water! Feeds through the roots on all cacti and other succulents, including Jade and Aloe Vera.


  • Encourages new growth
  • Easy-to-measure dropper
  • Just 7 drops per quart of water
  • Perfect for cacti and other succulents

Liquid Cactus Fertilizer 2-7-7 150g

  • 2-7-7 liquid fertilizer for your cacti and succulents. Encourages new growth. Easy-to-measure dropper. Just 7 drops per quart of water.

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