8" Buff Clay Frida Pot

8" (20.5cm) Frida Collection (Unglazed)


Best Fits: Any of our 6" or 8" plants


Drainage Hole?: Yes


Matching Saucer Available?: Yes




This isn't just a pot. It's a vessel to give your favorite plant a new home it will thrive and be happy in. Modern, minimal, and skillfully handcrafted in Mexico, our Frida Collection allows you the option of potting your plant directly in, or use it as a decorative pot, keeping your plant in it's growers container. Made of Earthenware clay, it has thick, heavy walls that help with moisture control (even more so with the unglazed options). If you plan on potting directly into Frida, be sure to add the matching saucer to catch excess water.


*Plant not included.

8" Buff Clay Frida Pot

  • Weight: 6 lbs

    Dimensions: 8.25" in Outer Diameter (7.75 in Inner Diameter) X 8" in Height (7.75" Inner Diameter)

    Material: Terracotta Clay

    Made in Mexico

    Has Drainage Hole

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