Monstera Adansonii Vancouver

Botanical Name: Monstera Adansonii
Common Name: Monkey Mask, Swiss Cheese Vine, 5 Holes Plant, Trailing Split-leaf, Monkey Face



Look! I grew a thing! (Novice)



Vivid green heart-shaped leaves with holes are what the Swiss cheese plant is all about. Depending on how you want to grow it, it will either climb up or trail down. If you prefer an upwards growth pattern, place something into the pot for vines to climb.

All varieties of Monstera can grow fairly large; the M. Adansonii taps out with leaf sizes at 50-75cm (20-30in) and a maximum height/length of 4m (13ft). Most household plants won’t get quite that big, but do expect a decent amount of growth from a happy Swiss cheese vine.


Say it with us: indirect light! Naturally growing in jungles under tree canopies, this one likes filtered light; if you want to try popping it into a window, choose an eastern facing one (for those not good with directions, that’s a window that gets a few hours of light in the mornings only).

Get dirty! Stick your finger a couple inches into the soil; if it’s nearly dry, water it. Don’t let it dry out fully. The Swiss cheese plant is best placed in humid and warm rooms. If placed elsewhere, mist it frequently and ensure it’s not near any drafts or cold spots.

Peat-based soil with LOTS of drainage. Choose a pot with drainage holes, or keep it in it's grower’s container and use a decorative pot.



Mildly toxic: munching can cause oral irritation. Don’t eat it.

Mildly toxic: can cause swelling and irritation. In severe cases if you pet munches on A LOT of leaves, it  may cause vomitting as well. Don't let your pet eat it.*


*According to the ASPCA.

Monstera Adansonii 4"

  • This Monstera Adansonii (Monkey Mask) comes in a 4" plastic growers pot.

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