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Monstera Thai Constellation 4"

A  *RARE* 7" Monstera Thai Constellation. A must have for plant collectors. Limited quantity available! 

How to care for your new Monstera plant:



Monstera's can grow just about anywhere in your home. It tolerates low light, but grows faster and becomes more dramatic in a bright spot. However it is recommended to avoid strong, direct sunlight because it may burn the leaves.



Water your Monstera when the top 50-75% of the soil is dry, about once every 1-2 weeks.



Monstera's will thrive in almost any environment, but they do like to be gently misted about once a week for extra humidity.



Normal room temperatures are great for your new plant. Avoid sudden drops in temperature and do not place it near cool drafts or direct airflow from heaters during winter months.


Additional Care Tips: 

Large leaves can collect dust. If you notice the leaves are dirty or dusty, wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and gently dry to keep them clean and healthy.


Note: Due to the rarity of this plant and extra care required, please understand that there are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS on this plant.  This is only recommended for experienced plant enthusiasts.

***CEMENT POT only. Cream pot in photo is not available***

Monstera Thai Constellation 4"

PriceFrom C$125.00
Currently Sold Out!
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