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Olive Plant 4"

How to care for your new Olive Plant:


LIGHT: Olive trees require at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. A large south-facing window is the only indoor location that can provide the necessary sun exposure. Make sure the leaves do not touch the window glass, which can cause them to become scorched. To ensure equal light exposure on all sides, turn the pot 90 degrees every week.


WATERING: The soil of a potted olive tree should never fully dry out, but be careful not to overwater. When the soil is dry to a depth of 1 inch (stick your index finger in the soil to check), water slowly and deeply but do not allow the plant to sit in excess water with improper drainage. In the winter, when the tree is dormant, it will require less water but a dry top layer of soil indicates the tree should be watered.


HUMIDITY/TEMPERATURE: Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean, so they can tolerate dry air. Most won't need any additional humidity in your home.


TIPS: These plants need fresh air. It is recommended to place it near a sunny window or taking it outside during warmer months or when watering.


* Note: Plants and planters may vary. Pictures shown are examples of style.

Olive Plant 4"

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