Orchid Bark Mix

Small bag of Pro-Mix's Orchid Mix, perfect for creating your own soil mixes, or adding some extra drainage into your current soil.


Comes in a gusseted kraft bag, holding approximately 2 - 3 cups of orchid mix. 

Bag measures:

W: 3.25"

H: 7" approximately (folds to close)

D: 2.5"


Contains a mixture of Western Fir Bark, Charcoal, and Perlite.


  • Offers good drainage and aeration providing conditions that favour root growth for orchids to thrive
  • Blended with high quality Western fir bark to avoid compaction and allow high water and air availability
  • Contains horticultural grade porous charcoal with strong absorption properties
  • Charcoal supports the roots of orchids and contains salts to provide the ultimate growth conditions
  • Fir bark has a rough surface and does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots

Orchid Bark Mix