Philodendron Heart Leaf Cordatum 4"

Botanical Name: Philodendron Hederaceum
Common Name: Philodendron Cordatum, Heart Leaf Philodendron.



If you kill this one, try a ZZ next! (Novice)


Foliage: You’ve seen a Philodendron in every Greek and Mediterranean restaurant you’ve ever been to. Heart-shaped leaves of deep green make it an eye catching plant. An excellent option for tall shelves or hanging baskets, the Philodendron Cordatum gives you a strong hit of colour, and since it grows so easily (and so quickly), it’s an easy option if you’re not quite sure you’re ready for anything more serious.
Size: Philodendron are often sold in 4-6 inch pots, but can be found (or grown!) to be many, many, many metres long. Keep in mind that this one grows down, rather than up; the plant base may look ‘leggy’ on occasion and require some artful rearrangement of the vines; this is often due to not receiving enough light.


Light: It’ll survive in pretty near any light condition, but to really see it grow (and have heightened colour variegation) place it where it’ll receive bright, indirect light. Keep in mind that it will get burned if placed in direct light.
Water: Wait until the top half of the soil is dry, and then water thoroughly.
Soil: Don’t pack it in. Philodendron don’t like to be weighed down; soil should be loose and well-draining. Going heavy on the peat moss is not a bad option. 


Humans: Mildly toxic, don't eat.
Pets: Mildly toxic. Chewing on the leaves will cause swelling of lips and tongue; stomach irritation and vomiting are also possible.*


*According the the ASPCA

Philodendron Heart Leaf Cordatum 4"

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