Ponytail Palm, Elephant Foot Tree  Vancouver

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea Recurvata
Common Name: Ponytail Palm, Elephant Foot Tree 



I need something I can’t kill (Novice)



The Ponytail palm has a rounded base, from which a slimmer trunk grows. From the top, arcs of slim grassy green fronds curl downwards, like the 80s ponytail you tried to create for that houseparty one time. Honestly, it’s like a grass tree! Which makes it fun to look at AND talk about. If you braid this pony’s hair, though, you might break it, so maybe don’t do that. Since this one wants a smaller pot but has long trailing fronds that are often longer than it is tall, consider keeping it kitsch with a macrame hanger or post it on a taller vertical stand.

Indoors or outdoors is the question? Assuming that most of y’all are keeping these ones inside your urban indoor jungle, you’ll likely have yours max out around 1 metre (4 ft). These ponies are capable of larger size though; outdoors, they can get up to 9 metres tall (30 ft).


Bright light is ideal. Indirect, though; no one likes burning. Moderate light will also work. You can even keep a Ponytail palm outdoors in spring and summer, and bring it in come winter.

Less is more. The bulb at the base of the Ponytail palm helps store water in arid conditions, so if you forget about this one for a while, it’ll be just fine. Water when dry. Watered it some time ago and it’s still a little moist? KEEP SKIPPING IT. Too much water is a bad, bad thing. Water when dry, and avoid potting in oversized containers; the Ponytail palm prefers to be rootbound with limited space.

The Ponytail palm prefers a soil that drains quickly; a cactus potting mix works well. Make sure you put your new little pet in a pot with drainage holes. When potting: don’t bury the stem! 



Non-toxic and ready for a good time

Totally safe. Will possibly become a chew toy. Suggestion: buy allllll the cat grass.

Ponytail Palm 10"

  • This Ponytail Palm comes in a 10" plastic growers pot.
    Approximately 2-3 feet tall, measured from the base of the pot. 

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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