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Pumice 2L

Pumice is a great soil amendment to use in your garden for moisture regulation and aeration. It is a mined, igneous, volcanic rock product. It is created from volcanic eruptions, making the magma frothy. If it cools rapidly, the bubbles will become trapped in the resulting rock. Unlike other volcanic rock products for the garden, like vermiculite and perlite, it is ready to use straight out of the earth, no industrial treatments required!


Advantages to Adding Pumice to Your Garden or Soil

  • Pumice contains very few trace minerals, and does not break down. Instead of adding nutrients, pumice improves soil structure.
  • Loosens heavy soil. It also keeps the soil from compacting, even when laden with water, thereby improving aeration.
  • Improve drainage in any kind of soil, and prevents soil from becoming waterlogged even in heavy rains or excessive irrigation.
  • Fine grained and retains excess moisture within its porous structure. It acts like a sponge, holding water until the plants need it. Then it releases that water steadily into the soil. Its unique structure can reduce your garden’s watering needs by up to 35%.
  • Pumice is also useful as an attractive, long lasting, and beneficial mulch.
  • An addition to your compost pile to mitigate odors and regulate moisture, and mixed in your worm bin’s bedding.


How to Use Pumice in the Soil

  • Adding as little as 10% pumice to any garden soil mix is enough to see the benefits.
  • For succulents, use this for up to half of your potting soil media.
  • You can use it straight out of the bag, or you can saturate it with nutrients and beneficial microbes first, a process called activating or supercharging. To activate your pumice, simply soak it in a nutrient solution such as compost tea for at least 24 hours before mixing it into your garden soil.

Pumice 2L

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