Botanical name: Cereus Huascha or Echinopsis Huascha

Common name: Red Torch Cactus, Desert's Blooming Jewel


Height: Approximately 2.5 feet tall



Easy, low maintenance. Just watch out for the thorns! (Novice)




Cylindrical shape with thorned vertical columns. Will occasionally, if you speak ever so gently to it, produce a hot pink or red flower while indoors. Most often the blooms will open at night and close up in the morning...set the alarm! Once the bloom has faded, it will fall off.


Indoors, the Torch Cactus will typically reach a height of about 3 feet. Rather than growing much taller, it can shoot out new growths. 




Bright light is best for this sun-loving cactus. If you want to maintain it's vertical growth it's best to rotate the plant to prevent it from growing sideways towards the sun. 


Less is more. 45% of statistics are made up and 67% of cacti die due to over watering. Be sure to allow the soil to fully dry out in between waters. In winter, water even less (once a month at the most!) since they are in their dormant phase. Think of cacti like a hibernating bear in the winter. 


Well draining, cactus soil. A mix of peat based soil with perlite and sand is a good option.



Humans: Not poisonous but has sharp thorns! Ouchy. 

Pets: Non toxic, but still ouchy. *

*According to the ASPCA

Red Torch Cactus 10"

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  • This Red Torch Cactus comes in a 10" plastic growers pot.
    Approximately 2.5 feet tall, measured from the base of the pot.  Currently no flowers, 1 growth per pot.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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