Rubber Tree 10"

Botanical Name: Ficus Elastica Burgundy
Common Name: Burgundy Rubber Tree



Give it sunshine, love  and whisper sweet lilttle nothings to it's leaves (optional) and it'll be happy. (Novice)



The leaves of the Burgundy rubber tree are thick and waxy in texture, with colouration dependent on how much light it gets, but leaves can be varying shades of green, with purple-red accents that can be so dark as to appear black. Large oval leaves with pointed tips are the shining feature of this plant, as they grow off a relatively narrow trunk. In low light conditions, leaves will fade to light green -- but they’ll also become larger!

Burgundy rubber trees can vary from 0.3m to 2.5m (1-8ft) in height. Get this one in the perfect spot and it’ll grow quickly, but be advised that it doesn’t like being moved frequently. Depending on its size when purchased, it’s possible to see your Burgundy Rubber Tree double in size in one year.


Moderate to bright indirect light -- put it in the window if you’re facing north or east; otherwise, keep this one at least 1 metre from the window. Many people compromise by putting their Burgundy rubber trees by a bright window that stays covered with sheer curtains. If you’re planning to place this one windowside, keep in mind that it won’t do well in cooler temperatures.

Burgundy rubber trees like a moist soil, but they’re also susceptible to root rot. Water thoroughly when the top 2-4 inches of soil are dry.

Choose a potting soil that is well-draining: a soil with a mixture of sand (or perlite), peat, and pine bark is ideal.


Mildly toxic: Ingestion (a lot) may cause irritation (mouth and stomach) and vomiting

As above for the furbabes, too.*


*According to the ASPCA

Rubber Tree 10"

  • This Rubber Tree comes in a 10" plastic growers pot.
    Approximately 2-3 feet tall, measured from the base of the pot. Very beautiful shiny leaves.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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