Spider Plant 4"

Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum

Common name: Spider Plant, Airplane Plant



I want to create the illusion that I can take care of plants -- without actually being really good at taking care of plants. Well, this could be for you. (Novice) 




With its air purifying quality, who wouldn’t want two or ten of these classics? The Spider plant has long, grass-like leaves and will produce small white flowers if the light conditions allow. The variegated (Reverse Stripe) has a creamy white line along the leaves. Along with the flowers, they produce the cutest lil’ baby spider plants (called “pups”). Those “pups” are definitely an attraction for cats to swat.    


This plant won’t reach great heights, but the trails and lil’pup trials can be up to 3-4ft in length. Did we mention this is a classic? Get out the macramé hangers and WallyGro and let this spider hang, trail and live it’s best plant life. 




Bright, indirect sunlight works best. The striping on the long, narrow leaves will be more prominent in indirect light. Will tolerate low light conditions as well, but may tend to fade a bit in colour. 


Ensure that the water has fully saturated the soil and has run through.  Spiders are prone to root rot if the water has not drained through. Let the tap water sit out overnight or on special occasions, treat it to some distilled water. They enjoy a light misting (distilled water) every now and then and thrive in slightly humid conditions. 


A good, premium potting soil for indoor plants – that drains well of course.  They can tolerate being slightly root-bound so don’t rush to switch the pots too quickly.




Safe and non-toxic


Non-toxic. You may though find your Mister Grumbles preoccupied with the dangling “pups”. If chewed on, can cause an upset tummy from over indulging.

Spider Plant 4"

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  • This Spider Plant - Reverse Stripe comes in a 4" plastic growers pot.

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