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Botanical name: Platycerium Veitchii Superbum

Common name:  Staghorn Fern


Height: 12" - 14" inches



Look! I grew a thing! (Novice)




As the name suggests, the leaves resemble antlers and are often grown mounted on a piece of wood or in a basket. They have an almost velvet texture to their leaves/fronds. They will develop brown leaves called “shield fronds” which help protect the roots. While they may not look as if they belong, put down the shears and don’t remove them! A very unique and architectural shape to the leaves makes the Staghorn a conversation piece.   


Slow growers, especially in a home environment. They can get quite large in their natural habitat. Like quite large. Like, I’m going to take over this tree, large. 




Bright, indirect light works best. Will tolerate some direct light as it matures (2-3 hours a day). While lower light is not ideal, it will still do fairly well. 


Maintain moderate moisture for these ferns. Allow to dry out between watering -- do not overwater. They grow naturally in rainforests and well in a humid environment. A light misting every other day (especially in the winter months is encouraged) be sure to mist the underside of their leaves/fronds as well. 


In their natural habitat they grow on other plants or trees. If growing on a piece of wood, use sheet moss as its medium. If in a pot, a good succulent and cactus mix is best. They also need good air circulation.




Safe and non-toxic



Staghorn Fern Superbum 6"

  • This Staghorn Fern - Superbum comes in a 6" plastic growers pot.

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