String Of Hearts 4"

Botanical name: Ceropegia Woodii

Common name: Rosary Vine, String of Hearts, Chain of Hearts, Sweetheart Vine, Hearts Entangled



It’s not hard. It’s not easy. It must be? (Intermediate)



Foliage: Delicate, wispy, gray-green heart shaped leaves spaced along the wiry stems. While they give off a delicate look, these vines are fairly hardy. The Chain of Hearts will produce Chinese lantern-like flowers which just adds to it’s freaking awesomeness.

Size: Long, trailing stems that can reach 2-3 ft long can be placed in a hanging basket, or left to drape off a table. The hearts themselves will max out in diameter roughly the size of a quarter.



Light: Bright but indirect sunlight is very much appreciated for this vine. Keep out of direct sunlight; it’s not the end of this love story if it only receives a moderate amount of light.

Water: As a succulent vine, these like to almost dry out completely between waterings.  Doesn’t enjoy being in a soil that is kept wet and damp. Reduce watering frequency in the winter months.

Soil: Best to use well draining succulent or cactus mix. There are worse things you can do to this vine than adding a bit of sand to the soil mixture.



Humans: Non-toxic

Pets: Non-toxic. And your cat is probably  gonna eye it.

String Of Hearts 4"

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