Botanical name: Senecio rowleyanus

Common name: String of Pearls, String of Beads, Rosary String of Beads



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Foliage: A delicate, cascading fast-growing succulent with small green pearls along a trailing  stem. They can bloom small white flowers with a slight scent of cinnamon. Aromatherapy! Be careful with any beads or pearls falling to the ground. They are toxic. 

Size: The thin stems can grow up to 3 feet long and are most often enjoyed in a basket as a hanging piece of art. Easy to maintain the size with pruning.  



Light: Bright,bright, bright indirect light works best. Nothing direct, they have a tendency to get sunburnt if near a very hot, sunny window. 

Water: These are tender plants and very, very sensitive to overwatering. When you think it needs water, wait another 2 days… And save the misting for another one of your plants. It can lead to rot. Not a good look for the pearls.

Soil: Well draining succulent or cactus soil. The String of Pearls have shallow roots so you won’t need a deep pot and not a large diameter.  If the pot is too large the soil will stay moist for too long. The crowns should stay level with the brim of the pot to allow good airflow. 



Humans: Toxic

Pets: Toxic, keep your pets away and be careful of falling pearls!


String of Pearls 4"

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