Schefflera Amate Umbrella Tree 12"

Botanical Name: Schefflera Actinophylla
Common Name: Umbrella Tree, Parasol Plant, Octopus Tree, Austrailian Umbrella Tree



A tree is still a plant, right? (Novice)




Approximately 3 feet tall.

Most varieties have all-green foliage, but it’s possible to find a variegated green-white Umbrella tree. Whichever colour of foliage yours has, leaves are oval in shape, rather like canoes, and grow in circular groupings of 7-8 (hence why some call it the Octopus tree). The leaves are rubbery and rather waxy,

Umbrella trees grow. A lot. And quickly, too -- either plan to prune or give this a miss if you’re looking for something that’ll stay small. That said, growth will be minimal if light conditions aren’t met. An indoor Umbrella tree is capable of reaching 1.8m (6ft). However, they grow up rather than out, so the width spread is quite minimal, generally maxing out around 75cm (18in) at most.


Give it light! Bright light! But keep it indirect. Avoid long periods of direct light (most southern-facing windows aren’t ideal) as well as deep shade. 


Thoroughly water, then wait til the top 2-3 inches of soil dry before making another pass.

Any standard houseplant potting soil will do. Keep in a fairly small pot despite its larger size, but also remember that even a mature tree should be repotted every 2 years. If that just seems intolerable, scrape off the surface soil and add a compost mix to give your tree some tasty nutrients.  



Munching will cause stomach pain. Plan accordingly.

May cause Irritation of the mouth, lips, and tongue, and general discomfort if ingested.*


*According to the ASPCA

Schefflera Amate Umbrella Tree 12"

  • This Schefflera Amate comes in a 12" plastic growers pot.
    Current stock is approximately 2 feet wide, 3 feet tall, measured from the base of the pot. Full growth with beautiful shiny leaves.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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