Yucca Tree 10"

Botanical Name: Yucca 
Common Name: Yucca tree



Look, I didn’t kill it yet! (Novice)




Approximately 44 - 48" tall, 2 trunks per pot. 

Over 20 species of Yucca exist, but nearly all of them feature long, dagger-shaped green leaves, usually with yellow striping. Yucca trees also have pale woody trunks with leaves that may curl downwards or stick up spikily depending on the species.

Yucca tend to be a bigger houseplant -- they are trees, after all. A small variety will hit 0.6-2.4m (2-4ft) tall and wide; larger varieties can be double or triple that… or more.


An area with bright, indirect light and partial shade is preferable for the Yucca tree; leaf-tips will brown if over-exposed in the sun.

Less is better than more. Yucca are drought-resistant but really don’t like to sit in the wet. Water every two to three weeks, when soil is dry. Use a pot with proper drainage holes so that roots aren’t sad and mushy if you happen to overwater because you’re too busy watching TikTok videos.
Soil: So long as it drains well, the Yucca will take any type of soil without complaint. Mixing sand into the soil can help hold up its heavy and sturdy trunk.


Humans: Moderately toxic. Ingestion or use as bubblegum is inadvisable.
Pets: Discourage the precious little fluffers to not chew on these, as above.*


*According to the ASPCA

Yucca Tree 10"

  • This Yucca Tree comes in a 10" plastic growers pot.
    Current stock is approximatelyApproximately 44 - 48"" tall, 2 trunks per pot.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

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