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’s dreamy trompets and Spanish harpsichord sit atop “Cañaveral” as the snow covers the land, and it captures a sense of wonder and tranquility in the musician’s gaunt vocal delivery. He’s best known in the U.S. for a few songs off of Cuando salga el sol, La Gente del Maldito and from 2018’s Mitos. The Spanish singer has been releasing albums since 2006, including Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. In honor of the album, we’ve chosen a handful of his timeless hits that still feel fresh in today’s musical landscape. “Cuando Salga El Sol” “Cuando Salga El Sol” is the lead single off of Mazapán’s debut album. The title has no doubt become the song’s most recognizable lyric. The bop sounds that open the song give way to a soulful vocal, reminiscent of the sounds that permeated airwaves in the mid ‘60s through the ‘70s. “Cuando Salga El Sol” was one of the first songs I fell in love with when I heard it on American radio. I can still remember being in my bedroom in my early 20s while wearing headphones, blasting the song at full volume and listening to the Spanish-flavored melody, feeling as if I was transported back to the city I was living in, Montreal. I didn’t realize that Mazapán wasn’t a single artist until a friend told me. “Paloma” “Paloma” was also the title of Mazapán’s first and most well-known live performance, which he performs to this day. The song combines gospel-inspired lyrics with Mazapán’s signature bop music. “Paloma” samples the music and lyric from the gospel song “I’m Going to Meet Jesus Christ,” which itself is a cover of a song that was originally recorded by gospel singer Johnny Cash. “Mi Canto” Mazapán sings a few lines of the song “Mi Canto,” or “My Song” in English, from the album Cuando Salga El Sol. Though his smooth and simple



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