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We’re featured in Redfin’s recent article “Indoor Plant Care: 19 Common Mistakes Beginners Make"

Indoor plants are the home decor staple that will never go out of style! They are beautiful, vibrant

elements that can make any room spring to life. But for many, the biggest challenge is caring for them properly to make sure that they thrive in your home.

To help out new plant owners as they begin their plant journey, Redfin reached out to

houseplant experts from across North America to share the most common mistakes beginners make when it comes to indoor plant care. 

Check out the full article that we, along with other houseplant experts, were recently featured in here:

This article includes great tips and tricks for all plant parents, new and experienced. To learn more about our selected 'Plant Mistake', check out our previous blog post on 'How to Repot your Plants'!


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