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Coco Coir (Fine) 2L

Coco coir is a growing medium produced from the husks of coconuts. Previously considered a waste product, the world has now awoken to the boundless possibilities these husks provide.

There are three main horticultural uses for coco coir once it’s been processed, mainly differentiated by their size and texture: coco fibrecoco peat (or pith) and coco chips.


Coco coir in all its forms is a great transition from peat-based composts. It can be utilised both indoors and outdoors on a whole host of horticultural products. Because it boasts greater aeration and water retention, coco coir is often a better fit for indoor gardeners than traditional composts and soils.


Coco coir is a strong growing medium for indoor plants. It can hold more water than regular soil, while simultaneously liquid more freely. This means roots will be well hydrated and aerated, reducing the chances of root rot.

One of the elements that makes coco peat a great fit for hydroponic growers is its slow decomposition rate. Very few nutrients are released into the soil, maintaining that all-important nutrient balance.

Coco Coir (Fine) 2L

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