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Jade Plant 4"

Botanical name: Crassula Ovata 

Common name: Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money Plant, Money Tree



You can leave me to bathe in the sun. I'm easy. (Novice)




This is the plant made famous by Mr. Kotter, from "Welcome Back Kotter". Ok, we made that up. BUT, this is the classic plant that we are almost certain one of your high school teachers has/had at some point of your scholastic life. We're also certain you're  about to Google 'Welcome Back Kotter" now.


A slower grower overall, but over many years, it could reach 2 - 3ft. Oh. My. God.




Bright light is best for these little ears to thrive. East, West and South facing windows are ideal. In shaded areas, the plant will keep a deeper shade of green. While in brighter light, the colour will lighten to a bright green and the red edging will be more pronounced.


These succulents are easy care, and require very minimal watering. Give it a good, thorough water and then allow the soil to completely dry out in between waterings.


A well-draining cactus soil is ideal for the Jade plant. Mixing in added perlite, coarse sand or bark mulch for quick drainage is an added bonus. 



Humans: Toxic. 

Pets: Toxic. Keep away from curious critters* 


*According to the ASPCA

Jade Plant 4"

PriceFrom C$20.00
  • This Jade Plant comes in 4" plastic growers pot.

    *All plants vary, and may not be exactly as pictured.

  • All Plants are final sale. 

    Returns & exchanges on pots & accessories accepted within 14 days of delivery date with proof of purchase in original condition & packaging (if applicable). 

    Please note that all returns are subject to a flat $20 pick up & restocking fee. 

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