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Philodendron Mican 4"

How to care for your new Philodendron Burle Marx Plant:


SUNLIGHT: The philodendron micans enjoys bright to medium indirect light. Avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight as it can burn the delicate leaves, causing discoloration and crispy edges. 


WATER: Water your philodendron micans once the top 2-3 inches of the soil have dried out. Another easy way to tell if your micans needs water is to check the leaves: once it is thirsty the leaves will start to droop and curl inwards slightly. These philodendrons are sensitive to overwatering so ensure that you are never letting the roots sit in water.


HUMIDITY/TEMPERATURE: Native to tropical environments, the philodendron micans thrives in warm temperatures and humid conditions. Typical household temperature levels are more than adequate for the philodendron micans, just ensure that you keep your plant away from any cold, drafty windows or air vents. 


TIPS: Philodendron micans look great in hanging planters or climbing moss poles or trellises. It is low-maintenance and easy to grow.


Note: This plant is mildly toxic to pets.

Note: Plants and planters may vary. The pictures shown are examples of the style. 

Philodendron Mican 4"

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