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How to Water Your Houseplants.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

We get asked all the time how often to water your houseplants.

Although there are typically rough guidelines for watering, it's really hard to give a set timeline until the plant is actually in your home. It's watering needs are effected by SO many things, like humidity, the amount of light it's receiving, time of year, and what kind of pot it's in. etc.

The most common issue we've been noticing is that many people are watering their plants too often, with not enough water. Think, watering less often with more water, vs. more often with less water. Since the plants' roots are mostly situated at the base of the pots, they aren't always receving the proper watering they need.

In this video, Denise Chavez, a horticultural teacher, does a great job of showing exactly what to look for and how to properly water your plant. Hope this helps!



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