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Not sure when to water your plants? Try the 'Chopstick Trick'!

We get it. It's tricky to know when your plants need a water!

We find water meters can often be unreliable - how do you know if it's working?

This method using a chopstick is a reliable way to check if your plants are ready for their next drink.

Step 1.

Use a wooden chopstick (sorry, metal or plastic won't work!) and insert it into the soil as deep as it will go.

Step 2.

Wait 60 seconds.

Step 3.

Lift out the wooden chopstick. There will be moist soil sticking to the layers of soil that were still holding water. Hold it against the outside of your pot to get a feel for how many of the lower inches are still wet. Such a handy trick!

Watch this great video tutorial by 'Pretty in Green'.



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